I have a question about cold email...

We have nothing against cold email or any other regular business activity, but this product was created and designed for customers who are sending primarily or only wanted email.

We can not support cold email and can not entertain any questions related to cold email, no exceptions can be made at this time.

This includes questions about why we are unable to support cold email, it's like asking why we can't make you a turkey sandwich at a delicatessen.

We're a wanted email product, not a cold email product, you do not want to use our software for the things it doesn't do.

Can I resell this to others? Can I use this to make money as an agency, consultant, etc?

Yes, we strongly encourage this use case.

What does it mean to be self-hosted?

This is not a SaaS, unless you decide to start one with it.

Our software runs on your own Ubuntu Linux VPS in total privacy, just like WordPress.

You can use it for in-house email marketing or to launch your own SaaS as an ESP or email marketing agency.

Explain this product in a few sentences.

Our platform is exactly the same as having a copy of MailerLite, Brevo, ConvertKit or a similar ESP running on a server you own that's under your control.

You are the owner, postmaster, administrator, and can sell email marketing accounts to customers, or use it only for yourself.

When you signup for an account at an ESP as a customer, the vast majority of the time they're really only leasing you their email marketing software as a SaaS.

Behind the scenes they connect to a 3rd party email delivery API service such as Mailgun, SparkPost, SendGrid, or Amazon SES who gets the email delivered for them.

With EmailDelivery.com's self-hosted platform, now that's you.

What are the white label and branding capabilities?

You can change the colors to match your brand by directly editing CSS inside of the platform and upload your own logo and favicon.

Your sending domains, message template tracking, and message image links are always branded with any domain of your choosing.

Is this good for managing multiple internal brands?


You can silo each brand into its own customer account with separate contact lists, campaigns, email sequences, forms, integrations, webhooks, and assets.

Use administrator impersonation to open tabs for all of your customer accounts in the same browser window, then flip through browser tabs to efficiently manage all of your brands together in one place.

Can someone install this for me?

Igor Kucurski from Fiverr has installed over 50 of our customers for $35:

Can I change servers? Start out on staging, move to production?

Yes, you can install on one server and then upgrade or downgrade to a different server whenever you want, your license will automatically be reset on the new server and revoked on the old server.

Does it run on ARM?

Yes, there is an ARM build and an x86 build.

Does this do a "shared warmup" like Instantly.ai?

We're not like Instantly, our automated warmup features are the traditional ones used in a regular ESP or with an MTA that predates the cold email era.

Can I use it for cold email?

We don't have any of the features you would see in a cold email system.

Compare Mailchimp to Instantly: two completely different platforms that do completely different things, we're more of a Mailchimp.

We've heard that some of our customers have integrated us into their cold email ecosystem by using our platform as their SMTP Relay endpoint, but beyond that, we really don't have much to offer cold emailers.

Are you integrated with Pabbly?

Yes, we have a comprehensive white-label integration with both triggers and actions including sending email through your emaildelivery.com platform directly from Pabbly. The link is here in the documentation under the Integrations category.

Explain the backends and frontends concept

A customer account uses the frontend, the frontend is an email marketing platform just like ConvertKit, Brevo, AWeber, Mailjet, or Mailchimp.

An administrator account uses the backend, the backend is a control panel where you add connections to email delivery services like Mailgun, SparkPost, Amazon SES, SMTP Relays such as SMTP.com, and SendGrid, or use our included MTA to send over your own IP addresses on your own servers.

This video shows you each account type inside of the platform:

Why can't this just run in a shared hosting environment?

The EmailDelivery.com platform is a collection of pre-configured immutable Docker containers using Docker orchestration which includes containers for a web server, database, cron, and everything else the software needs to run right out of the box.

You can't share an IP address with other applications, as the ports the platform needs in order to work such as 80 and 443 will be blocked and it will fail to start.

You can run on the same server as other applications using ports 80 and 443, but the platform needs its own IP address on that server in order for this to work.

This is powerful software that can send millions of messages, It's capable of handling complex data manipulation and segmenting operations on lists containing millions of contacts, and it does it all on an inexpensive VPS while staying fast.

Hate to use a buzzword here but It's "Enterprise Grade".

Shared hosting environments are commonly slow even for simple tasks.

Our platform is more demanding than a simple PHP script but engineered well enough to take advantage of an inexpensive dedicated/non-shared environment to give an experience that's in line with the enterprise-grade expectations of a SaaS someone would pay $1 CPM to use.

Does this have an inbox like Roundcube, Zoho, or Gmail?

One way to accomplish this is to use Cloudflare Email Routing or mxroute.com as your MX server and forward replies to your Gmail account.

To get a dedicated inbox, you would use a product like migadu.com or Google Workspace; we don't have one built into the platform.

Receive replies at your dedicated inbox by using a separate Reply-To email address in your email marketing campaigns.

When someone hits the reply button to comment or ask a question, that Reply-To email could go to your migadu.com, Google Workspace, Roundcube, or Zoho.

You've probably noticed It's very common for email marketing campaigns from large senders to use 'noreply' email addresses.

This means they don't accept replies from subscribers because they don't want an inbox for their email marketing, they want customers to reach out with any questions through another support channel that can handle customer inquiries in a more organized way.

Whether you use an inbox for replies or not will probably depend on what sort of list you're running and how personalized it is:

Course creators, bloggers, ebook authors, coaches, and people who sell things on Gumroad and similar platforms often will want to receive replies and read them.

Can I install this on multiple servers?

Velocity MTA can be installed on unlimited servers.

The ESP platform can only be installed on one server at a time.

Moving the ESP platform to a new server is seamless, and the license will automatically transfer to the new server and be revoked on the old server.

The ESP platform installation is portable, meaning you don't need to "reinstall" on a new server; you can just copy over the installation directory, and your platform will resume from its last saved state.

Do I have to use this Velocity MTA thing? It scares me.

Nope! You can completely ignore it.

Velocity MTA is entirely optional and is installed separately from the ESP platform.

Do you support any non-English languages?

We're working on internationalization, you'll be able to directly edit the translation files and modify them yourself to customize your installation when this is released.

Are you GDPR compliant?


We even offer a GDPR region option for our recommended VPS.

Where's the roadmap?


Do you support my preferred email composer style?


We have three email template editors:

  • High performance drag and drop composer we created from scratch.

  • WYSIWYG via integrated TinyMCE.

  • Raw HTML for uploading and editing your own original code.

You can also skip all of the editors and use the API or SMTP Relay instead.

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