๐Ÿ”—Understanding the 'White Label Tracking Link'

If your tracking link is misconfigured while creating an email delivery API or SMTP Relay Connection, your stats on your campaigns will be blank and your images will be missing.

At the bottom of every Connection type, such as SparkPost API, Mailgun API, Amazon SES, and SMTP Relay, you'll see an option to enter a white-label tracking link.

The tracking link will be the domain used for your click tracking and image links and will be the domain your contacts see in your email template when they receive your message at Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, etc.

Since your emaildelivery.com platform allows unlimited sending domains, white-labeling your tracking link gives you the opportunity to match all of the links in your HTML message body to the domain your emails are sent from. This way, each message is uniformly branded in the headers and body.

Your white-label tracking domain must be created in your DNS hosting provider as an A record that points to the IP address of the VPS your ESP platform is installed on. We recommend creating a subdomain named links for this purpose.

Your ESP installation domain will be your default tracking link. If you don't enter anything, your ESP domain will always be used as a backup, and that's the domain you'll see for your tracking links and images in your emails.

Make sure the Cloudflare proxy is switched to OFF on your white label tracking link subdomain.

In our example Gmail message with white-labeled tracking below, the sending subdomain's base domain is fivetacofiesta.com, so the white-label link domain is subdomain links.fivetacofiesta.com.

links.fivetacofiesta.com is an A record in our DNS provider with the IP of our VPS where the platform is installed. Side note: We recommend everyone use Cloudflare as their DNS provider if possible.

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