⁉️HTTPConnectionPool Max retries exceeded with url: /settings

This error usually means Velocity MTA is not running. Often this is due to a misconfiguration when Velocity MTA and the ESP are running on the same server.

On the VPS where Velocity MTA is installed run the following command to check for errors:

docker logs edcom-velocity

If you're running the ESP/MTA on the same server together, Velocity MTA will fail to start for the following reasons:

  • The ESP has in edcom-install/config/edcom.env instead of an IP dedicated just for use by the ESP. tells the ESP use all available IP addresses it can find, this will block Velocity MTA from being able to start.

  • velocity-install/config/mta.conf has the ESP IP configured as the management IP

  • velocity-install/config/ipaddresses has the ESP IP as one of the sending IPs

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