๐ŸฆพAdding a server in the backend UI

Velocity MTA servers list sending IP addresses that can be used for sending email when they've been added to an MTA delivery policy and the policy has been added to a postal route

Go to MTA -> Velocity MTA Servers in the backend site navigation

Header domain

Add the domain to use in the email headers for mail sent over each IP address

Link domain

Add the link domain that will be used in the email template body for mail sent over each IP address

The link domain must have a valid A record pointing to a Velocity MTA server IP address

not your platform installation address

MTA Management IP URL

The service URL must be the IP address of the management ip configured in velocity-install/conf/mta.conf

MTA Password

The MTA Password must match the password in velocity-mta/conf/mta.conf on the Velocity MTA server exactly

MTA Management IP URL Syntax

The URL syntax must start with http://, then the management IP address, then :81 for the port

Example valid URL Syntax:

Verify Velocity MTA received your server configuration

On your server where the Velocity MTA container is running, begin monitoring the log file

tail -f velocity-install/logs/velocity.log

Click save to push your changes

If the service URL is set properly and the access key matches what's in the velocity-install/logs/velocity.log file, velvet.log should show something like the following

2023/06/08 23:46:45.879865 main.go:1039: :API::: POST /settings
2023/06/08 23:46:45.881480 main.go:1136: :API:::Finished writing settings

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