🚚Moving to a new server

You can move to a new server at any time and your license will be automatically reset without requiring contacting us or opening a support request.

First, shut down the platform on the old server:

docker compose down

Create an archive file of your installation directory:

tar -cf edcom-backup.tar edcom-install/

Copy the archive file to the new server.

scp edcom-backup.tar

*** Note: You must use the real IP address of your Linux VPS above, not "", it's a placeholder.

Extract the tar file on the new server:

tar xvf edcom-backup.tar 

You'll need to install Docker on the new server.

If you're on Ubuntu, you can run our automated Docker installation, like you did during the installation on your old server:

cd edcom-install

Set the IP address of the new server:

nano config/edcom.env

Load the docker images:


Bring the platform up:


That's it.

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