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Pabbly event triggers

New form submission Triggers when a contact subscribes through a popup, slideout, hellobar, embedded, or 3rd party connected form.

Contact has been added to a list Triggers when a contact is added to a list.

Contact has been tagged Triggers when a tag is added to a contact.

Contact has been untagged Triggers when a tag is removed from a contact.

Contact was sent a message Triggers when a contact is sent a broadcast, funnel, or transactional message.

Contact opened a message Triggers when a contact opens a message.

Contact clicked a link in a message Triggers when a contact clicks a link in a message.

Contact unsubscribed Triggers when contact has been unsubscribed.

Contact complained Triggers when contact uses the "spam button" or "junk button" to signal they've received unwanted mail.

Contact soft-bounced Triggers when contact bounces for temporary reasons such as exceeding their mailbox quota.

Contact hard-bounce Triggers when retrying delivery to contact in the future will not succeed, usually because the email address doesn't exist.

Contact opened or clicked Triggered by contact opening a message or clicking a link in a message - two triggers in one event.

Contact soft-bounced or hard-bounced Triggered when contact is undeliverable for any reason - two triggers in one event.

Contact unsubscribed or complained Triggered when contact has been unsubscribed or uses the "spam button" or "junk button" - two triggers in one event.

Pabbly Actions

Create a List Creates a new contact list.

Create or Update Contact Creates a contact in a contact list with a specified set of properties and property values, if the contact already exists then only the contact's properties will be updated.

Tag Contact Add a tag to a contact.

Remove Tag From Contact Removes a tag from a contact, if it is present on that contact.

Unsubscribe Contact Sets a contact as unsubscribed for all lists, suppressing all future mail to that contact.

Get Contact Data Retrieves all data for a contact with the given email.

Remove Contact From List Removes a contact from a list by email address. If the contact is only in one list, this will cause the contact to be deleted from the database entirely.

Delete All Contact Data (GDPR) Removes all known data for a contact in all lists.

Delete a List Deletes a contact list. Any contacts not present in other lists will also be deleted.

Get All Lists Get names and properties of all contact lists in the system.

Get All Tags List all contact tags in the system.

Send Email Configure and compose an email to be sent to each contact who goes through this automation.

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