๐Ÿ‘ฅLogging in to the email marketing frontend

There are two ways to access the email marketing frontend:

1. Impersonating a customer account from the backend admin account.

2. Logging in with a user account.

Login as customer account through the backend via impersonation

The most convenient way to access the email marketing platform frontend is by using the impersonate a customer account feature from the backend, this will open the frontend in a new tab while staying logged in as an administrator.

When using impersonation, any new messages created will have the backend admin account's name and email address set as the default instead of the customer account's name and email address, this is easily modified by editing the message.

From the backend top navigation go to customers -> customer accounts

Check the customer account you want to log in as and click the action button:

Selecting login as customer will open the email marketing frontend in a new tab:

You'll see this at the top of your email marketing frontend browser tab to indicate you're in impersonation mode.

Logging in with a user account

A user account logs directly into the frontend with a unique email address and password combination, for more information on user accounts see creating user accounts.

Log in with a user account at the same URL as your backend admin account

Use the same admin_url link you configured during installation to log in with an email marketing frontend user account and your backend admin account, each account type will be routed to the right place automatically.

To stay logged in as the backend admin while fully logging in as an email marketing user account instead of using administrator impersonation, just log in again through an incognito window, another browser, or use Firefox containers.

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