๐ŸšฆMail queue management

Manage Queues

You can flush or pause Velocity MTA mail queues in the IP Delivery Report.

Select the mailbox provider and IP address you want to discard or pause mail for, then click the Manage Queues dropdown.

Discarding mail initiates a pause on the mail queue and deletes all newly injected mail during the discard process. Pausing the mail queue without a discard preserves all messages until the queue has been resumed.

Start monitoring the log file before you perform an action to see your changes take effect. In this case, we'll monitor a Discard, which will show all our recipients marked as SUPP for suppressed in the velvet log file.

tail -f velocity-install/logs/velocity.log 
2023/06/12 04:48:51.269186 main.go:1039: :API::: POST /settings
2023/06/12 04:48:51.270545 main.go:1136: :API:::Finished writing settings
2023/06/12 04:48:51.270620 main.go:605: 8K9cTRC5ymCEAGQJpZBjdp:SUPP:d@yahoo.com::message discarded
2023/06/12 04:48:51.271220 main.go:605: 8K9cTRC5ymCEAGQJpZBjdp:SUPP:m@yahoo.com::message discarded
2023/06/12 04:48:51.271604 main.go:605: 8K9cTRC5ymCEAGQJpZBjdp:SUPP:k@yahoo.com::message discarded
2023/06/12 04:48:51.271927 main.go:605: 8K9cTRC5ymCEAGQJpZBjdp:SUPP:p@yahoo.com::message discarded
2023/06/12 04:48:51.272253 main.go:605: 8K9cTRC5ymCEAGQJpZBjdp:SUPP:e@yahoo.com::message discarded
2023/06/12 04:48:51.272627 main.go:605: 8K9cTRC5ymCEAGQJpZBjdp:SUPP:s@yahoo.com::message discarded
2023/06/12 04:48:51.272946 main.go:605: 8K9cTRC5ymCEAGQJpZBjdp:SUPP:l@yahoo.com::message discarded

You must click Resume when a Discard is complete or your mail queue will stay in a Discard state, permanently suppressing all newly injected mail.

Bypass Deferral

If an IP address is waiting for an extended timeout period that was triggered by a deferral with a mailbox provider such as Yahoo and you want to test if the deferral condition has expired already, you can select bypass deferral to initiate an immediate delivery retry.

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