๐ŸŒ‹Recommended VPS

Most of our customers are using this Racknerd starter VPS with exclusive special pricing:

Racknerd has created a VPS option perfectly configured to run our software at $35 for an entire year, there's also a GDPR region option in Strasbourg, France.

It comes with Ubuntu 20 as the only OS choice for best performance.

Can someone install this for me?

Igor Kucurski from Fiverr has installed over 50 of our customers for $35:

What are the hardware requirements?

For best performance we recommended a dedicated VPS with 2 CPUs/4GB RAM/NVMe disk.

Choose a geographically close data center location for the fastest UI speed.

Customers are always surprised by how fast the UI is, a low-latency connection can be as responsive as a desktop application.

Each individual's requirements are going to depend on contact list size, the number of records sent per day, how many resource-intensive tasks you have running, and how quickly you want them to be completed.

How much would it cost to scale hardware up to the highest sending volumes?

This 32 CPU 128 RAM 1TB NVMe server from Hivelocity for $200/mo can handle anything.

Sending 1 million contacts in a campaign from this server will show 10% utilization with the glances tool on Ubuntu Linux.

Always make sure you upgrade to NVMe from SSD on any server running our software, it's a $19 upgrade on this server.

Similar high-end servers at similar pricing can also be found at InterServer:

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