๐ŸŽจDrag and drop, WYSIWYG, raw HTML, and reusing templates

There are five options when you create a new Broadcast, Funnel Message, or Transactional email template.

All methods of sending email through your ESP platform have the same email composer options:

Recent emails are templates that have already been used to send a message.

If you create a contact list with one email address and send a broadcast to yourself, the template you used for that message will live on forever under 'Recent Emails' and be available for future campaigns.

Start from Scratch.

This will create a blank drag and drop canvas.


We use integrated TinyMCE for our text based composer.

Import raw HTML.

For those who need pixel perfection.

Just click a template.

If a blank canvas is too intimidating, maybe one of our templates will give you a jump start.

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