๐Ÿ’ปCreating User accounts

User accounts log in to the email marketing frontend

A user account logs in directly to the frontend with an email address and password, a user account does not have access to the backend.

User accounts share a customer account

A user account is a sub-user of a customer account, all user accounts share access to all of the customer account's data and are not siloed, user accounts are not an isolated environment.

Customer accounts do not share data or users

In contrast to user accounts, customer accounts are siloed, each customer account is an isolated environment.

Click Customers -> Customer Accounts

Click the customer account you want to create an email marketing user account under:

Alternatively you can use edit from the action menu:

Creating your first user

Your platform ships with a default customer account named Acme Co without any users, by creating a user account you can log directly into the email marketing frontend with a unique username/password combination.

Click the users tab and Create User:

Email address and name

The user account email address doesn't need to actually exist, you can use anything you want here. However, the email address and name entered will be filled in as the default when you create a new email marketing broadcast, where they can always be modified.

No data export allowed

Checking this box prevents this user account from being able to download contact list data from the email marketing frontend.


Checking this box will temporarily disable a user account without deleting it.

Remember to save!

Log in with user accounts at the same admin_url URL as your backend admin account

Backend admin accounts and email marketing frontend users access the platform at the same admin_url login page. Admin users will be automatically logged in to the backend, user accounts will be automatically logged in to the frontend.

To stay logged in as the backend admin while logging in as an email marketing user account on the frontend use an incognito window, another browser, or Firefox containers.

Alternatively, you can use customer account impersonation to open the email marketing frontend in a new tab while staying logged in as the backend admin.

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