💾Backup and Restore

Your email marketing software comes entirely self-contained inside of the edcom-install directory, making backups a breeze.

Backing up your platform

Change directory to your installation and bring it down:

cd /root/edcom-install

docker compose down

Make a copy of your edcom-install directory using the usual methods such as a tar file, scp, cloud backup software like SpiderOak, an external volume, etc.

Once your backup is finished, bring it back up by running the following command in the edcom-install directory:


Restore from backup

To restore from backup:

  1. Make sure Docker is installed on the server following the installation instructions.

  2. Simply unpack your backed up edcom-install directory onto your server somewhere.

  3. Change directory to your installation, i.e. cd /root/edcom-install and run:


User data resides under edcom-install/data and edom-install/config. If you only back up those two directories you should also be able to do a complete restore at a later date by unpacking the latest installation archive and copying those directories into it afterward.

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