⁉️Images are not displaying

Images not displaying are always due to one of the following issues:

You're accessing the platform using the IP address instead of the domain name.

Fix this by accessing the platform using the domain you configured during installation.

The white label tracking link in the Connection (SparkPost, SMTP Relay, etc) has a DNS record in it that isn't pointing to the IP address of the VPS where the ESP is installed.

Fix this by editing or creating the missing DNS A record in your DNS hosting provider such as Cloudflare, Godaddy, etc, wherever you normally configure your DNS records.

The domain used to access the ESP in the browser doesn't match the admin_url domain in the edcom-install/config/edcom.json file on the VPS.

Use the admin_url link you configured during installation to access your ESP in the browser or change the admin_url to use a different domain.

Learn how to change the admin_url without breaking things here.

You enabled the Cloudflare proxy for HTTPS but didn't complete the SSL conversion on the VPS.

Complete the SSL conversion and restart your ESP.

The white label tracking link in the connection has the Cloudflare proxy turned on.

Fix this by turning the Cloudflare proxy off for only the tracking link domain.

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