👬Resolving port conflicts with a second IP

Your ESP platform must be installed on its own IP address and can not share an IP with other applications that may cause port conflicts.

Ports needed by the ESP platform include common ports such as 80, 443, and 587, if these ports are blocked and unavailable, the platform will fail to start.

These are the most common scenarios where a second IP may be needed for your ESP platform installation:

  • You're already running a website on the server where you want to install the ESP platform.

  • You have some type of control panel software the server came pre-installed with such as CloudPanel, CPanel, or Plesk, and you don't want to remove it.

  • You're running a web-based application on the server that isn't necessarily a website but is still accessed using https:// in a web browser.

  • You want to use the ESP platform and the MTA on the same server.

For clarity: you can run on the same server as other applications using ports 80 and 443, but the platform needs its own IP address on that server in order for this to work.

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