🏷️Tag contacts who Open your broadcast

Not all of your clickers are openers - Track Both!

An overlooked or misunderstood aspect of tracking contacts who have engaged with a message is that up to 15% or 20% of them will be accessing their email through an email client or web interface that allows them to click a link without enabling images in the message.

This bypasses open tracking, even though the contact did in fact open the message to click the link.

Add a Tag to contacts who open or click your broadcast to create a history of content they're more likely to engage with.

Here we'll create a broadcast for a December discount promotion and we'll create a generic tag to track contacts who indicate potential buying interest.

By Tagging each contact who reads this message, we've effectively applied a note that they're a possible purchaser since they opened an email that implies they'll consider spending money.

We'll now add a second narrower Tag specific to the fact that these contacts are spurred into action through deals and sales.

You can view the number of contacts who have received each Tag on the Contact List Tags tab.

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