📮Create a Postal Route

Once you've created a method of delivering email such as SMTP Relay, API, or a Velocity MTA delivery policy, you'll need to add a postal route before it can be assigned to a frontend customer account and used by the email marketing frontend.

Click Customers from the top navigation, select Postal Routes, and click Create Postal Route.


Give your postal route a name. This name will be selectable in the frontend customer account on the email marketing platform whenever you send a message.

Select your Relay, API, or MTA Policy

New postal routes have "Drop All Mail" selected by default for safety. Choose the SMTP Relay, API, or Velocity MTA policy you want your email delivered through in the dropdown menu.

Remember to save your configuration before exiting.

Hit Publish

Changes to postal routes are unpublished by default for safety. Select publish from the Actions button on your newly created postal route to make it official.

Your postal route is now live.

👉 You're not done yet! Add your postal route to a customer account 👈

Your published postal route can not be used until it's been assigned to a frontend customer account.

Add your postal route to a customer account

Click customers from the backend top navigation, select customer accounts.

Edit customer account

The platform ships with a default customer account named Acme Co. Click the name highlighted in blue to edit the account settings.

Use the dropdown menu

Select your newly created postal route from the Postal Routes dropdown menu.

You're done! Don't forget to save.

You may come back and add additional postal routes to this customer account later.

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