๐Ÿ“ŠIP Delivery Reports

One view to rule them all

Combined IP address reporting for Velocity MTA and your IP addresses at email service providers such as Mailgun, SparkPost, and Amazon SES that have a webhook integration via an API connection.

Data retention limitations for this report

IP address data generated by Velocity MTA and API connection webhooks is noisy, and as the number of IP addresses in use grows, so does the volume of data. In order to protect against unpredictable high-usage scenarios that may overwhelm the database, we've imposed a default data retention limitation of 90 days for the platform. If this is a potential concern for you please contact us.

Raw Velocity MTA logs are stored forever

You can access the complete history of your Velocity MTA sending IP addresses in the velocity-install/logs/velocity.log file. Unless you've set up your own log rotation, or otherwise truncate or delete this file, you can always use it to retrace past sending activity. We're working on some helpful tools to assist you in this endeavor.

Go to reports -> Customer Broadcasts in the backend site navigation


The Delivery tab focuses on email delivery progress, history, and status. You can view your deferral ratio, raw deferral messages, and errors you're receiving from mailbox providers during unsuccessful delivery attempts.

Delivery Timeline

You can drill down into a timeline diagram displaying the delivery history of each IP address for any mailbox provider such as Gmail or Yahoo. This visual aid gives you a unique ability to analyze delivery patterns and closely monitor how reputation fluctuations can impact your email delivery rate over time.

The delivery timeline is only available for IP addresses using Velocity MTA.

Deferral message drill down

All your deferral messages for each mailbox provider in one view with the number of times each has been seen.

Reputation tab

The Reputation tab focuses on IP address open rate, complaint rate, and bounce rate. Along with the domain reputation and email volume, these are the primary metrics associated with your sending reputation.

Bounce message drill down for soft and hard bounces

All your bounce messages for each mailbox provider in one view with the number of times each has been seen.

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