Servers Page


The servers page is the fourth and final page of the MTA policy wizard. This is where you can configure the Velocity MTA server to use with this policy.

The Velocity MTA server selected on this page will be the one that mail is sent through when this MTA delivery policy is selected in a postal route.

New Day Start Time

This is the time your volume caps and automated IP warmup pause will be lifted and sending will resume each day, configured as 7AM by default.

Default: Set send limits for ALL IPs

Unless you change the dropdown, all IP addresses configured on your selected Velocity MTA server will be used in this policy, and each will have the same cap on their sending limit volume, if any.

Switch to per ip sending limits

You can enable or disable each IP addresses, cap their sending volume, and implement load balancing by switching to per ip send limits and clicking the edit pencil.

Uncheck an IP address to disable sending email over it for this policy.

Cap sending volume for one or more IPs.

Apply custom load balancing to direct traffic through your IP addresses based on the strength of their sending reputation or warm-up status.

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