๐ŸŽจDelivery Features

SMTP Relay support works with any ESP or MTA

API Integrations with Amazon SES, SparkPost, and Mailgun

Send using your own IP Addresses with our included Velocity MTA

Install Velocity MTA on unlimited servers with Unlimited IPs

Automated IP Warmup Throttling guards your Sender Reputation

Load Balance delivery across APIs, Relays, and MTAs

Customize delivery for mailbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and iCloud

Partition Customer Accounts into separate IP Pools and ESP Accounts

Automatically Pause Customer Accounts for High Bounces or Complaints

Comprehensive IP and Domain Level Delivery Reporting

Dashboard shows Unified View of all Customer Open, Bounce, and Complaint Rates

Automated Complaint Feedback Loop Processing

Automated Bounce Processing

Full Header Control Including One-Click List-Unsubscribe

24x7 Support

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