🚦Domain throttles

Protect your sending reputation

Limit the rate of sending to large mailbox providers like Gmail for each postal route in your customer account.

Execute a controlled domain warmup

Cap your daily sending volume and gradually raise it over time as part of your overall delivery strategy, warmup new postal routes and/or new sending domains.

Control your CPU utilization when you have a large list on a small server

Imposing a limit on all domains of 10K or 20K per minute keeps your CPUs from maxing out when you have hundreds of thousands of contacts running on an inexpensive VPS with a small number of underpowered CPUs.

You must set a valid value for all three limits.

Throttles will be activated instantly and remain in effect until modified, deactivated, or deleted.

To disable throttling click the Actions button and select Deactivate

You can create simultaneous limits for an unlimited number of mailbox provider domains and postal route combinations

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